Friends, we started Huntsville Solar Works after the devastating destruction of the April 27, 2011 Tornadoes. We had an EF5 Tornado 3 miles South of our location. On that horrible yet spectacular day, over a dozen people were killed in Harvest and Toney, Alabama. Our thoughts, prayers, and respect go out to the victims and their families.

        With in a few weeks we designed our first off grid portable solar power system to run a refrigerator and small appliances for up to 3 days of autonomy, and perpetually while the sun is shining.

         Today, were designing and installing off grid solar power systems to run the customers entire home, and yes the reliability, quality and ease of use is all there! 

          Give us a call now at 256 701 1425 and put Solar Power to work for you!


        Thank you for visiting our web-site! Huntsville Solar Works is a Solar Power Systems Integrator, we design and build solar power systems for a variety of applications including, grid tied, grid tied with battery back-up, and off grid; stationary, mobile and portable, solar power systems. We have a great reputation for building high quality reliable solar power systems! And we thank all our valued customers for their business! At Huntsville Solar Works we welcome your solar power application goals. Give us a call anytime at 256 701 1425!

Mission: To empower our customers to use Solar Power.

Vision:  Humble Service  &  Wisdom   Works!